Galp is present in Spain in the downstream businesses, focusing on the marketing of oil products, natural gas, electricity and associated services.

Industrial & Energy Management


Galp also has stakes in the Al-Andaluz and Extremadura international gas pipelines. It is through these pipelines that Galp imports natural gas imports from Algeria into the Portuguese market.

Natural gas enters Spain through the Europe-Maghrebe gas pipeline which connects the Hrassi R'Mel natural gas fields in Algeria to the Spanish natural gas transportation network.

Renewables & New Businesses

Renewables Portfolio

Solar-self consumption

Galp also provides solar-self consumption solutions through ei - energía independiente, a company specialized in solar energy that provides personalized offers and installations to business and households.

ei - energía independiente combines different technologies to design the best solar panel installation for each customer according to their needs and consumption and keep optimizing and monitoring to get the most of it during the whole life of the installation.

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