Refining & Marketing

Galp is present in Spain in the downstream businesses, focusing mainly on the marketing of oil products and associated services.

At the end of 2018, Galp owned a wide network with about 570 service stations and 380 convenience stores.

The logistics network is supported by storage terminals in Valencia (Petroval), Gijón and Decal.

Gas & Power

Galp is present in Spain through its natural gas marketing activity, namely in the industrial and retail segments.

Galp also has stakes in the Al-Andaluz and Extremadura international gas pipelines. It is through these pipelines that Galp imports natural gas imports from Algeria into the Portuguese market.

Natural gas enters Spain through the Europe-Maghrebe gas pipeline which connects the Hrassi R'Mel natural gas fields in Algeria to the Spanish natural gas transportation network.

Galp invested during 2017 in a start-up operating in the Spanish gas and electricity market, with an increasing customer base currently standing at 30 thousand clients, aiming at adapting to customer needs, improving efficiency and client experience.

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