Let's Regenerate the Future Together

Our purpose
We want to regenerate the future and play an active role in changing the energy paradigm, anticipating trends and using technology and innovation so that our portfolio of assets, products and services can generate the shift towards a low-carbon economy
More than 7,000 Employees
10 countries | 52 nationalities

Flexible Work

We promote a smart work model that values flexibility, fosters productivity, and work-life balance. 



The #ReenergiseOurPeople movement is materialised in the Wellbeing programme, focusing on an effective health and safety culture, promoting a better quality of life for our people, regardless of where they are working.


Diversity and Inclusion

At Galp, we promote equal opportunities and equal treatment for everyone, regardless of their political, social or economic background. We believe that diversity creates value and strengthens our organisational culture.


Social Responsibility

All we need is the right energy to leverage change and start transforming the world. Together, we have the power to build a path with the necessary balance between the growth and wellbeing of the population, their energy needs and the preservation of ecosystems.