Reshape Portfolio

Develop efficient and sustainable energy solutions  to low carbon energy.

Ensure a solid return on investments to promote an effective transition and competitively increase total shareholder return.

  • Galp aims to thrive through the energy transition and by 2030, we want to have a more electrified, diversified and decarbonised global portfolio.
  • Galp is committed to expand its renewable energy generation portfolio.
  • In Upstream, where our carbon intensity is currently 50% below the sector average, we will continue to pursue carbon efficiency excellence, to support a responsible growth of our production.
  • Galp will continue to contribute to the industrial development of Portugal, by progressively converting Sines refinery operations into a green energy park.
  • Our commercial offer will change its focus from a car and fuel centred approach to a consumer and green energy centred approach.
  • Galp aspires to take an active role in the energy transition paradigm, namely by exploring op-tions to adapt its portfolio to future consumption patterns, namely to develop an industrial cluster for green hydrogen production based in Sines and assessing opportunities in the fast-growing lithium-ion batteries value chain.
  • Our strategy relies on a clear capital allocation framework, to enable a value-driven investment case, capable of delivering a highly resilient cash flow growth and a competitive shareholder re-muneration.