Our decarbonisation journey

Our decarbonisation journey

We seek the balance between meeting the energy needs and minimizing the carbon intensity of our activities

Galp is an integrated energy company with the ambition of driving and thriving through the energy transition, reshaping its high-quality portfolio towards long term value creation while addressing growing global concerns over climate change and the future of our society.

Effective governance of climate-related issues is necessary across organizations to guarantee that critical risks are mapped and mitigated and all relevant opportunities that may arise as a result of a changing climate are identified and addressed. This includes adopting policies and practices that reduce greenhouse gas emissions while simultaneously incentivizing their internal adoption and working with stakeholders so they implement similar practices, adapting to the impacts of climate change and developing new, low carbon businesses, all of which will build resilience to future climate scenarios while guaranteeing a just transition.

Our 2030 ambitions

Our alignment with the SDGs