Refining and logistics

Galp owns one refinery in Portugal, located in Sines, which is connected to an efficient logistics network with multiple marine terminals and storage parks in Iberia.

Galp continues to focus on maximising value creation in this segment, increasing the efficiency of its operations, and adapting its portfolio to the vision of the carbon neutrality commitment in Europe by 2050.

Refining and logistics portfolio



Sines Refinery

Sines refinery began operations in 1978 and, following the upgrade project in 2013, it has a hydrocracking unit and a fluid catalytic cracking unit.

With a distillation capacity of approximately 226 kbpd, it is the only operating refinery in Portugal and it is also one of the largest in Iberia.

The 43 kbpd hydrocracking unit attains 99% conversion. Diesel and jet fuel are the most important products, but it also produces naphtha and LPG.

Sines’ coastal location and its port infrastructures are advantageous both for sourcing of crude oil and for the export of products.

Galp aims to transform its Sines industrial site into a green energy hub by 2030, improving its energy efficiency and reducing carbon footprint. Ultimately, Galp estimates to reduce its absolute operational emissions from refining activities (Scope 1 & 2) by 50% in 2030 (vs 2017).

The expansion of advanced biofuels production, through the installation of a HVO unit, and the incorporation of opportunities related with green hydrogen will be major steps in the energy transition.

  • area
    320 hectares area
  • distillation capacity
    226 kbpd distillation capacity
  • processing units
    34 processing units

Matosinhos Site

The Matosinhos site is situated on the north-western coast of Portugal and it started operations as a refinery in 1969. The complex is connected to a tanker terminal (in the port of Leixões) by several pipelines, spanning about 2 km.

The lubricants plant, also located in this site, has a production capacity of 80 kton per year. 

Following Galp’s decision to discontinue refining operations from 2021 onwards in Matosinhos, we will continue to supply the regional market, maintaining the access of the maritime terminal, storage and distributing facilities in Matosinhos and is currently assessing usage alternatives for the complex.

Refineries production in 2020


Galp benefits from access to several maritime terminals in Portugal, namely in Sines and Leixões, and has several storage facilities in Iberia. The Company also holds interests in logistics companies in Portugal and has access to several pipelines in Iberia, totalling 4,300 km.

Galp's extensive logistics system is integrated with major logistics operations in Spain, enabling efficient delivery of products and high levels of flexibility in distribution and sales.

Regulated distribution infrastructure (GGND)

Galp, through its associated company, Galp Gás Natural Distribution (GGND), has a stake in nine natural gas distributors in Portugal.

Through GGND, Galp explores a distribution network of over 13,000 km. At the end of 2020, the regulated asset base was valued at approximately €1.1 bn.

In November 2020, Galp agreed to sell a 75.01% stake in GGND, where it held 77.5%, to Allianz Capital Partners. After the transaction completion in 2021, Galp’s stake is 2.4%.

Learn more about GGND here.


We hold a 65% stake in CLC, the Portuguese logistics company that owns the only multi-product pipeline in Portugal. The CLC pipeline is 147 km long and has the capacity to transport 4 mton of oil products sequentially.


Galp also holds a 75% interest in Companhia Logística de Combustíveis da Madeira, SA (CLCM), which operates the storage facility in Madeira, and a 60% stake in Sigás, the propane storage unit in Sines.