For you, for the planet

For you, for the planet

Energy today, thinking about tomorrow

We apply the sustainability principles to everything we do, so that our business continues to create a bright future for you and your children.


Energy today, thinking about tomorrow.

What have been Galp’s actions?


We act ethically and accountably

We remain transparent for you and we continue to be part of the main Sustainability indices worldwide, which demonstrate our commitment.

We engage people and communities

We bring value back to the communities we enter into by developing programmes that respond to people's needs.

We value human capital

We promote the development and happiness of our employees through various talent management programmes.

We seek a balance between energy and climate

We contribute to ensure that the future energy needs are met in an efficient and responsible manner, minimising any possible impact.

We protect people, assets and the environment

We foster a culture of safety with our employees, promote eco-efficiency and use the latest technology to reduce our environmental footprint.

We invest in innovation, research and technology

We created R&D programmes in partnership with the technical and scientific community.

Actions that are noticeable
Actions that are noticeable

We are transparent about our performance because your trust is very important to us.

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A culture of sustainability

Sustainability is value. We want to contribute to the protection of the environment, the people’s well-being and the communities we take part in.

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