Facing a new world that challenges the status quo, Galp sees an opportunity to accelerate its transformation, improving its integrated value-added offer by creating new value pools and business models. Through a people centric approach, the reshaping of the commercialisation business in a single unit positions Galp for the transition into a more energy efficient economy.

Galp is focused on optimising the integrated offer of products and services, adapted to new consumption patterns, in an open, digital and sharing economy.

In order to better achieve this goal, we integrated the entire commercial offer, including oil products, gas, electricity, non-fuel and services, of B2B and B2C segments into one single business unit – Commercial. We believe that this approach will help us better assess the needs of our customers and deliver fit-for-purpose solutions for businesses and customers in the geographies where we operate.

  • oil products sales
    8.7 mton oil products sales
  • service stations
    1,465 service stations
  • natural gas sales to direct clients
    4,709 mm³ natural gas sales to direct clients
  • sales of electricity
    3,199 GWh sales of electricity
  • fast charging points
    24 fast charging points
  • normal charging points
    32 normal charging points