Galp’s Commercial business provides a complete and integrated offer to its clients, ranging from oil products, gas, electricity to other convenience services. Maintaining a customer-centred approach at its core, our business offers solutions for companies and customers in the different geographies leveraging its strong position of Galp’s brand in Iberia and in a selection of African countries.

The Company is actively adapting to new consumption patterns with a focus on offering products and services that are more sustainable and digital.

Key figures (2022)

  • Oil products sales
    7.4 mton Oil products sales
  • service stations
    1.475 service stations
  • Gas & Power sales
    23,2 TWh Gas & Power sales
  • Electric mobility charging points
    2.382 Electric mobility charging points

Galp Solar - distributed energy solutions

Galp developed a distributed renewable energy production solution, Galp Solar, based on smaller scale solar power generation systems and services aiming at maximising energy consumption and efficiency both to B2C and B2B segments.

Galp Solar uses advanced technologies, such as satellite image analysis, artificial intelligence algorithms and big data, to optimise the acquisition and installation cost of distributed solar panels, offering the solution that is best suited to the customers’ needs.

During the year, Galp launched the Galp Solar brand in Spain, established important partnerships, and ramped up in half-cut solar cells, building the basis for fast and profitable growth in the coming years. 

At the end of 2022, Galp Solar had carried out 5,328 installations in Portugal and 2,397 in Spain, ending the year with 7,725 installations in total, which corresponds to an installed capacity of c.24.7 MW.  In 2022, Galp Solar was considered the fastest growing distributed energy player in Iberia.

This brand aims to further position Galp to thrive through energy transition, with an innovative digital approach. Going forward, the Company will seek the development of new products and services (e.g. batteries, EV chargers, and home solutions) to capture the high potential of the Iberian market. 



Through Daloop, Galp offers a Software as Service (SaaS) platform for managing EV charging infrastructure, the fleets and people that use it. Daaloop provides this platform to various entities such as charge point operators, mobility service providers, utilities, and facilities, offering them the necessary tools to securely expand and implement solutions for the fast-growing EV ecosystem.  

In 2022, Daloop provided strategic solutions to support Galp's Electric Mobility business unit, secured customers in the UK and Spain, and completed a strategic project in the US as part of the Biden administration's "Build Back Better" regional challenge.  

Galp continues to analyse the potential for business expansion to new geographies as well as strategic partners.