Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

We use our energy to create more energy

The communities and the environment that surround our operations in the 11 countries where we operate are of the utmost importance. We play an influential role in local sustainable development, promoting well- being through social projects that primarily target access to energy and education.

Of the several projects we are involved in, the ones with the biggest impact are


Promoting access to education

As a key driver of human development, Education deserves special attention and it is the target of projects such as Mission UP, Power UP and Switch UP. These programmes target Portuguese parents, teachers and students, focusing on changing behaviour related to waste, and promoting more efficient energy consumption.

EPIS Partnership and Galp Foundation:

Through this partnership, every year we provide traineeships for students who need to spend a number of hours in companies to complete their studies.


Promoting access to energy

Within the scope of the Community Investment Plan in Mozambique, in 2017 we installed photovoltaic solar systems in rural communities in Mozambique, in order to provide them with energy at affordable prices. With this objective in mind, Galp signed a protocol between the Mozambican National Energy Fund (FUNAE), Fundação Galp (Galp Foundation) and Galp.

Promoting the environment and the future

Following the forest fires that occurred in Portugal in 2017, we created the Terra de Esperança (Land of Hope) movement, which results from a partnership with ANEFA –National Association of Forestry, Agricultural and Environmental Companies. Through this movement, we donated a total of 500,000 trees for planting.

As part of this initiative, we promoted the largest environmental volunteer action ever undertaken in the country. We have also developed a digital platform that will enable extending this action to all the people in Portugal who want to join this initiative.

In recent years, fire-fighters and civil protection have also been receiving a strong support from our company in fuel, to help them with their operations on the ground.

We involve ourselves with the community

2020 indicators

  • Volunteering Initiatives and projects
    213 Volunteering Initiatives and projects
  • Volunteers
    250 Volunteers
  • donated hours
    680 donated hours

We measure the impact of what we do

With total transparency, Galp evaluates the impact of its most significant projects and monitors its Return in Benefit of the Community (SROI). We have been members of the London Benchmarking Group since 2012.

  • Global investment in communities - € 18,500,000
  • Direct Beneficiaries - € 860,000
  • Number of Beneficiary Entities - 2,170