Trainee program


Trainee program

Generation Galp

Trainee Program

Generation Galp

Meet the different generations of trainees

Small baggage?
For Generation Galp you have everything we need


Generation Galp has been around since 1998 and currently has more than 500 employees who joined through the trainee programme.

Every year we integrate young people with great potential into the Galp culture, creating a team with sustainable and lasting connections.

Our main goal is to create an effective connection between you and Galp's future challenges. In this programme, you'll have the opportunity to experience the culture and values of the company and learn about different areas that will give you a holistic view of your future.

In parallel, you'll go through a special mentoring programme and have the opportunity to participate in various activities.

Do you feel like you have little baggage? Don't worry, for us, you have everything we need! All you need is the desire to make a difference and prepare to become a future leader in a company that is changing the energy industry.


What to expect in the first weeks of Generation Galp



The right programme for you

Generation Galp is the right programme for you:

  • If you have finished your degree and/or are finishing your master's degree
  • You are interested in the energy sector
  • You are collaborative, like meeting new people and have the right energy
  • You consider yourself a potential leader
  • You want to learn about different areas in one programme

Opportunities that exist

The program is widely applicable and covers all business units, as well as our corporate centre.

Industrial & Energy Management
Renewables & New Businesses


What we offer

  • 1-year internship contract and potential integration in a company undergoing transformation in the energy sector
  • Internship grant
  • Meal allowance 
  • Health insurance
  • 20 days' leave

Selection Process

You will have to go through several phases to enter Generation Galp, all of which are eliminatory.