Refining & Marketing

Galp is the only refining company in Portugal.


Galp has an integrated refining system, consisting of the Sines and Matosinhos refineries, which have a combined refining capacity of 330 thousand barrels of oil per day. 

The Sines refinery is Portugal’s main refinery, accounting for 70% of the country's refining capacity.

Our refining system benefits from the coastal location and port infrastructures, both important features for crude supply and product exports.

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With a 65% stake, Galp is the largest shareholder in Companhia Logística de Combustíveis (CLC), the logistics company that owns the only multi-product pipeline in Portugal.

Galp also holds a 75% stake in Companhia Logística de Combustíveis da Madeira (CLCM), which explores Madeira's storage deposit park, and a 60% stake in Sigás, a propane storage unit in Sines.

The logistics system also comprises concessions to exploit two maritime terminals (Leixões and Sines).

Marketing of oil products

Galp is the market leader in the marketing of oil products in Portugal with sales in the retail, wholesale and LPG segments.

In the retail segment, Galp has a network with about 710 service stations and around 340 convenience stores across the country.
It is worth highlighting Galp’s pioneering offer, the Energia³ plan, which integrates fuels, natural gas, electricity and bottled gas associated with a discount plan.

In the LPG business, Galp distributes and markets the propane and butane gas it produces at the Sines and Matosinhos refineries. The Company uses imports to complement the market needs.

Galp also supplies other sectors, including aviation, marine, transport, building contractors, lubricant manufacturers and industry.

Gas & Power

Galp is present in the marketing activities of natural gas and electricity, as well as in the distribution of natural gas. Through the power segment, Galp also operates cogenerations, with emphasis on the units installed in the Sines and Matosinhos refineries.

Supply of natural gas and electricity

Galp is one of the main suppliers of natural gas in Portugal and accounts for most of the imported natural gas. The natural gas supply activity has been progressively integrated with the marketing of electricity through a combined offer, to which oil products are added.

Regulated distribution infrastructure

Galp, through its subsidiary Galp Gás Natural Distribuição S.A., controls nine local natural gas distributors in the country, with a total network of 13,015 km.


Through its portfolio of cogeneration plants, Galp currently has, in Portugal, an installed capacity for electricity generation of 173 MW, with the most relevant ones being installed in the Sines and Matosinhos refineries.

These are a major source of natural gas consumption, as well as an important energy source for the refineries’ operation.

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