Operations trainees

Build the future of Galp's service areas!

Operations trainees

Build the future of Galp's service areas!

You are worth more here

Operations Galp is a trainee programme aimed at young people with a passion for the commercial and retail businesses. Launched in 2023, this programme gives you the opportunity to develop customer service skills, because we believe that here, with us, you are worth more.

Year after year, we want to integrate young people with high potential into the Galp culture, creating a team with solid and long-lasting connections. Our main goal is to ensure a real commitment between our employees and the company's future challenges.

This programme values your potential, allowing you to experience different levels within the role of operator and, within a year, reach the position of shift manager.

Operations Galp is the right programme for you

  • If you have already finished your 12th grade and/or professional course
  • If you are interested in the commercial sector
  • If you are collaborative, empathetic, enjoy meeting new people, and have the right energy
  • You consider yourself a potential leader
  • You want to get to know different functions in a single programme
  • If you are in Portugal or Spain

What we offer

  • One-year traineeship contract and potential integration into a company undergoing transformation in the retail sector
  • Internship grant
  • Food allowance
  • 20 days leave
  • Start in September 2024

What to expect from the selection process?