OpenTalk is a secure and confidential channel for questions, concerns or reports of breaches within the scope of Galp’s Code of Ethics and Conduct (‘Code’).

The way a company does business is as important as its financial performance and the quality of its products and services. For that reason, reporting and addressing suspected violations of the law or Galp’s Code of Ethics and Conduct (‘Code’) is crucial for Galp.

Communications made through OpenTalk may address any matter specified in the Code, including, for example, possible offences to human rights such as harassment or discrimination, or acts of fraud and corruption.


Reports are received on behalf of Galp by an independent third party specialist ethics line provider and then passed to Galp’s Ethics and Conduct Committee that will ensure they are dealt with in a professional and confidential manner.


The means available:


Online Platform

You can fill in a form to submit your query or concern, anonymously if desired. The website is available in Portuguese, English and Spanish, and is available to third parties as well as Galp employees.

After the submission, you will be provided with a report number and password which you should save safely, in order to be able to follow up on the report.

Access here