Thursday, August 24, 2017 11:44 AM | Debt and interest

“GALP ENERGIA” 2013/2018 - 18th Coupon payment

Galp Energia, SGPS, S.A. informs the bondholders of “GALP ENERGIA 2013/2018” that the interest regarding the 18th coupon will be payable as from September 8, 2017 with the following amounts:

Gross interest in % (*) 0.912588889 %

* Subject to corporate/personal withholding income tax in accordance to the taxation rules and rates applicable at the payment date.

Interest on bonds will be paid through the Central de Valores Mobiliários, in accordance with the respective regulations (Central Securities Depository Code: GALFOE), being Novo Banco, S.A. the paying agent.

Source: Galp Energia, SGPS, S.A.