Green Hydrogen

Galp considers renewable hydrogen (green hydrogen) as an important energy carrier for the energy transition, namely for the decarbonisation of hard to abate sectors, such as heavy-duty transport, maritime, aviation and high energy intense industrial processes.

Galp is also the biggest producer and consumer of (grey) hydrogen in Portugal. In order to decarbonise its Industrial activities, it is important to develop new energy paths such as the production of green hydrogen and e-fuels. Adding to this a set of competitive advantages that Portugal enjoys, namely in terms of renewable energy sources, infrastructure and strategic location, it is clear that Galp holds a privileged position to develop green hydrogen solutions in the country.

In 2022, Galp concluded the feasibility study for a 100 MW electrolyser project, both to be deployed in Sines. The 100 MW project has advanced to the basic engineering stage, with additional key support mechanisms being created throughout 2022 to support an FID in 2023.  

Galp is also co-leading, together with EDP, a consortium of 13 European entities to develop one of the first large-scale electrolysers in Europe. The consortium submitted an R&D project to the EU’s “Green Deal Fund”. The project is under development and the grant agreement has already been signed by the EU.

Galp sees the potential to grow its installed capacity of electrolysers throughout the decade, allowing to fully replace its grey hydrogen consumption at Sines and explore other opportunities, as the green hydrogen business model materialises and gets proven.

Throughout 2022, Galp also continued to pursue other opportunities related to green hydrogen, namely nurturing hydrogen-based mobility eco-systems and developing new low carbon service station concepts with a hydrogen offer.