Green Hydrogen

Green hydrogen offers one of the most efficient solutions to address the challenges related to the decarbonisation of hard-to-abate sectors, such as heavy-duty transport, maritime, aviation and high-energy intense industrial processes.

Galp, is in a privileged position to develop green hydrogen solutions, capturing the full potential of its Sines energy hub, mobility customers, renewable generation and leveraging its track record of industrial skills. In addition, Galp is the single largest hydrogen producer and consumer in Portugal.

As such, the Company is developing new energy paths with a view to decarbonising the economy, such as the production of green hydrogen and efuels.

The Company continues to mature the 100 MW electrolyser in Sines, having completed the feasibility study and currently working on the basic engineering as well as on securing key support mechanisms for the Final Investment Decision.

In parallel, Galp is co-leading, together with EDP, a consortium comprised of 13 European entities that submitted an R&D project to the EU “Green Deal Fund” and was awarded a €30 m grant for the development of a 100 MW electrolyser. The project is under development and the grant agreement has already been signed with the EU.

Additionally, and in order to accelerate the learning curve, Galp is developing a 2 MW pilot in Sines expected to start production in 2023. The Company has also secured c.€1.8 m funding for the development of that project.

As the green hydrogen business case gets material, Galp sees the potential of increasing its installed capacity to over 1 GW in the second half of the decade. That expansion would allow Galp to replace the Sines grey hydrogen consumption and to address maritime and aviation e-fuels.

Galp is also pursuing other opportunities in the hydrogen market as part of its strong commitment to energy transition, namely nurturing hydrogen-based mobility eco-systems and developing new low-carbon service station concepts with a hydrogen offer.