Cogeneration consists of the simultaneous production of thermal energy (heat) and mechanical energy (electricity), from a single fuel. It relies on the local recovery of residual heat generated in the power generation thermodynamic processes that would otherwise be wasted. In conventional processes that transform fossil energy into electricity (thermoelectric power plants)

Galp's installed capacity for electricity generation through cogeneration totals 91 MW, with the main cogeneration unit installed in the Sines refinery.

This is a highly efficient combined heat and power generation plant that is an important steam supplier to our refineries.

Currently, these plants are subject to special regime production, i.e. with priority access to the grid, and sold at a regulated tariff.

  Installed capacity (MW) Sales of electricity to the grid (GWh) Thermal energy produced (GWh) Natural gas consumption (mm³)
Sines 82 623 1,480 237
Matosinhos 82 696 1,399 245
Others 9 36 43 8
Total 173 1,355 2,922 490