Talent management - Features | Galp

Our people’s talent is a key part of Galp’s success.

At Galp we believe that all of us have the same opportunities to show talent. Our model includes people of all positions, ages and hierarchical levels. Being a talent at Galp means to embody our values and be a true ambassador, championing our company values. Implies to lead and inspire people, promote the development of others, generate solutions to the customer, be innovative and achieve excellent results.

Sandra Rebelo 
Responsible for People Development

We redefined our strategy for talent management (talento@Galp) based on the identification and evaluation of the following characteristics:

  • Technical and behavioural performance: it considers aspects such as results achieved, technical knowledge and alignment with Galp’s values and culture;
  • Motivation and ambition: it considers aspects such as motivation, professional pride and focus on goals;
  • Commitment to the Company: this considers aspects such as relating to the Company principles and values, being an ambassador of products, being a change agent.

The combination and the articulation of those features aim at identifying talent, inspired daily by the Organisation’s leaders.

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