Performance management

Our performance management system represents an essential component for the alignment of each employee with Galp’s strategy, objectives, and corporate values.

Performance management model

Our performance management model is based on a continuous feedback culture, which characteristics we highlight:

  • Its universality;
  • Its focus on people's motivation and development;
  • An orientation towards meritocracy and differentiation;
  • Its coherence and integration;
  • Its objectivity.

Thus, the new model particularly values the behavioral skills, which are directly related to Galp’s values because of the importance given to "how it is done" and not just "what one does". The model's ability to differentiate the degree of responsibility in achieving the objectives is also worth noting.

Stages of the performance mode

In 2019, the performance assessment process covered approximately 97% of Galp’s employees. Also, approximately 97.5% of first line managers, middle managers, and top managers were assessed according to the 360º methodology, totalling 662 employees in 2019, including specialists and others.

360º evaluation (%)  
Top managers 97,9%
Middle managers 99,4%
First line managers 96,7%
Sub-Total 97,5%
Specialists 11,6%
Other 0,2%
Total 13,9%