Human capital strategy

Galp positions itself as a competitive employer, offering the conditions to attract, develop and retain the talent of employees, considering the strategic and context challenges that the Organization faces.

We believe that the basis for implementing Galp's strategy lies in capable and prepared human capital with its technical and behavioral skills aligned with the Organization’s strategic objectives. In this sense, we have tools that are anchored in the behaviors of employees and in an increasingly critical and assertive view. We have an adaptable, inspirational and committed workforce, promoting a culture of autonomy, accountability and meritocracy.

To meet our goal of creating value for all stakeholders, we regularly adjust our human capital strategy, focusing on the following areas of action:

  • Recruitment
  • Welcoming
  • Performance management
  • Development
  • Reward and recognition
  • Information systems

Different people, equal opportunities

At Galp, our values are guided by the principles of diversity and equal opportunities, total opposition to any discrimination, and the promotion of a culture of social integration. We are opposed to any form of discrimination, whether based on gender, nationality, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or any other sort, whether in the recruitment and hiring process or at any stage of the professional life of our employees.

“We do not act in a discriminatory manner in relation to our employees or any persons, particularly on the basis of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, ancestry, age, language, place of origin, political or ideological beliefs, economic situation, social context, or contractual relationship."

In Code of Ethics

"Reject all forms of discrimination based on, among other things, racial or ethnic origin, colour, gender, sexual orientation, age, religious beliefs, nationality, family and socio-economic status, marital status, education, disability, political ideology, thus guaranteeing equal opportunities and equal treatment regarding career advancement and working conditions.”

In Human Rights Policy

Gender equality

We want to promote equality, inclusion and the well-being of all those who work in the company, with gender balance being one of the main concerns and a cornerstone of the People Management policies.

We promote gender equality by expressing our commitment to the implementation of the seven Women’s Empowerment Principles of the United Nations. Also, we have been part of the Business Forum for Gender Equality (IGEN) since 2014, an initiative of the Portuguese Commission for Equality in Labour and Employment (CITE), where we have been setting commitments.

In 2018, we created a permanent group to analyze and take action on diversity matters, responsible for the discussion, definition and implementation of best practice in this area. The Gender Equality@Galp: Equality Means Business programme performed an initial diagnosis and defined an action and communications plan. The main issues discussed and identified were career development and rewards structure, as well as work-life balance.

Galp has an action plan in place to achieve an effective equality of treatment and opportunities between women and men, fostering the reconciliation of personal, family and professional life. Galp implemented the following initiatives in 2018:

  • Creating of an internal, permanent and multidisciplinary action and reflection group with the purpose of promoting the discussion, definition and implementation of good practices on the subject of equal opportunities;
  • Participation of members of the internal work group in discussion forums regarding the theme of Gender Equality;
  • Implementation of the Gender Equality@Galp: Equality Means Business programme, which included an initial diagnosis and the definition of an action and communications plan;
  • Galp’s adherence to UNGlobal Compact’s “Equality means business” initiative as a way of measuring the gender gap and alignment of commitments in these matters;
  • Galp’s adherence to PWN Lisbon – Professional Women’s Network, as a member;
  • Conducting in-house workshop with PWN on gender neurosciences;
  • Conducting a conference cycle at Galp (extra Talks@Galp), open to the outside and with guests of other companies, about diversity and Genre Equality and how organizations are handling these subjects;
  • Participation in the Girl Move Project, an association that aims to empower young Mozambican women to be development agents through the integration of two Mozambican female trainees into internal teams for a month.

Get to know our Plan for equality for 2019.

Get to know our Plan for equality for 2020.

Inclusive Community Forum

In March 2019, Galp assumed the commitment to increase the number of disabled workers, contributing to a more just and inclusive community. This commitment is reflected in the protocol celebrated with the Inclusive Community Forum  (ICF), a New SBE initiative dedicated to the lives of people with disabilities.

In order to reinforce these values in Galp's human capital, in 2019 we also started a transversal working group that will work on diversity and inclusion issues in the Company.