The people at Galp are a key factor in the success of that implementation and that only capable, committed and skilled people can contribute to achieving the desired results.

Our training strategy

It’s all about people, let’s expand our horizons

We live in a world in constant acceleration, where everything is accessible anytime, anywhere.

The sector in which Galp operates is a good example. The challenges include implementing large global projects, extracting value and optimising the portfolio, and exploring new opportunities and new energies. To that end, team coordination and leadership, increasingly cross-cutting, is crucial.

In this context, the response involves a fast and agile learning that develops differentiating skills and promotes the creation of programmes and initiatives with greater impact, and truly transformational.

One size doesn’t fit all

Aware of the new challenges of a more technological and ever changing world, we have taken on a new view on people development, with the goal of creating a lifelong learning environment that is personalised and open to the world, based on innovative methodologies that enable the transfer of knowledge and experiences.

In this new approach, our focus is on:

  • Knowing: formal learning for the development of technical and behavioural skills, favouring strategic partnerships;
  • Doing: learning through the real experience, promoting the development of technical, behavioural and business skills;
  • Sharing: learning through created interpersonal relationships, that promotes truly transformational changes in people;
  • Measuring: metrics that enable assessing the real impact of learning on people and the Company.

In order to foster a true learning culture in Galp, we have defined guidelines, which are reflected in our Manifesto.


And we go further… 

Key learning initiatives

Our learning ecosystem aims to engage all stakeholders by catalysing innovation and creativity in disruptive, more practical and more positive environments, as well as true learning communities, in order to disseminate Galp's DNA around the world: instigate, provoke and inspire.

With this in mind, here are some examples of the initiatives and programmes we have been implementing:

  Training hours in 2017
FormAG – Advanced training course in Management. It has trained 854 Galp first line managers since 2010. 6,532
EngIQ – Doctoral programme in Refining, Petrochemical and Chemical Engineering. 170 Galp employees have graduated during eight editions and 46 PhD in business environment were concluded. 3,060
CompeC – Advanced Training course in Commercial Skills. Since 2013, 218 customer managers have been trained in Portugal and Spain (total number of eligible employees). 2,240
MScEP – Master of Science in Petroleum Engineering. By its 4th edition, 71 young employees were trained for the E&P area. 726
E&P Fundamentals – Two hour training modules focusing on technical learning in the Exploration and Production business (17 sessions). 288
Ace Academy – Programme consisting of seven integrated workshops to enhance personal and professional development at 360 °, which involved 92 employees (between Company talents and A3 staff). 4,053
Media Training – Strategic action for skills development in public presentations that involved 39 A1 leaders since 2016. 312
Corporate Finance – An intensive Finance programme that enables participants to have a detailed and integrated view of the main areas of operation of corporate financial management and a global financial view that articulates strategy with the creation of value, providing also the acquisition and/or consolidation of indispensable techniques for evaluating and making financial decisions and managing organisations. 2,374
Mindfulness – Programme with the aim of creating the foundations for Galp employees to practice mindfulness meditation autonomously, thus cultivating a new habit of healthy living, where 363 employees have been involved. 5,085
Middle Management Programme (Refineries) – Action carried out for all shift managers and middle management of Refining and Logistics for leadership skills development – the pilot action involved 20 people. 644
Project Management – Advanced action which involved 27 employees. 1,568
ToastMasters@Galp – Employee resource group, representative of Toastmasters International in Portugal, with the aim of promoting the learning and development of the art of communicating (speaking, listening and thinking) and training leadership skills in Galp employees. Since the end of 2016, 25 employees have been trained. 465
Powering Up – HSE and Quality Academy, strategically designed with contents adapted to diverse populations. Beginning in December 2017, this academy was attended by 91 employees. 3,640
Innovation Labs – Innovation laboratories with the aim of developing innovation skills and culture at Galp, creating innovation champions and change facilitators to better face their business challenges. 67 employees have attended this programme. 2,081
E-learning Sustainability – Made available for 3,286 employees. 3,174
E-learning Code of Ethics and Conduct – Made available for 5,931 employees of all the geographies within the Group. 5,965
Talks@galp – Bi-monthly conferences that have the participation of inspirational speakers and bring new perspectives and themes to the Company, and also promote a space for debate and discussion of themes aligned with the strategy, culture and values. 2,213
Unconscious Bias – Action for all managers within the context of the performance evaluation process. 510
Projects People @ R/L – A programme that fosters the participation, involvement and commitment of all Refining and Logistics employees in Galp's process of cultural change, in view of the new normal @ Galp. 8,844