Engagement with employees

Galp maintains an active relationship with employees. We motivate an action in accordance with the values and principles of the Company.

Labour relations

The employees of the Group’s companies elect Committees to represent them, and Management representatives meet monthly with these employee representatives. The goal of these meetings is to present, analyse, discuss and clarify issues and situations of labour nature that are considered relevant for the life of the Company and our employees.

In 2021, the Group held 8 meetings to discuss labour related topics and 10 Worker’s Plenary to discuss working conditions, salary raises and benefits for employees. Other topics, such as pension funds; covid-19 measures, return to the office, safety, company results, refining, new reward and compensation model, among others, are part of the Worker’s Commissions and Sub-Commissions meeting’s agenda. At this level, 17 meetings were held during 2021.

Organizational climate diagnosis

Galp's strategic objective is to create an organizational climate that fosters a sense of belonging, of career perspective, and of development, so that each employee feels the motivation and the sense of mission that are necessary to carry out their duties.

In this sense, in 2021 we carried out a new diagnosis of the organizational climate, based on a questionnaire that is in line with the best international practices in this matter, creating another channel for our employees to make their voices heard and to contribute for the setting of action priorities for the following years.

People Survey:

  • Participation rate of 82%
  2016/2017 2017/2018 2018/2019 2021 Target
Employees engagement index 81% 79% 79% 74% 74%(1)

(1) Engagement level aligned with 55 high-performing organisations globally, as per Korn Ferry's study

Highlighting that 83% of our employees feel proud of working in the Company and 92% feel they are treated with respect.

The action plans that were set for 2022, which resulted from the organizational climate diagnosis results analysis, will focus primarily on the dimensions with less solid results and where we can improve as an organization. At the same time, we will focus on reinforcing our differentiating factors and on which the perceptions are already positive.

Internal communication tools

Aware that communication is fundamental in engaging with our employees, we have a series of tools for communication and for promoting the sharing of information, namely via intranet (mygalp), digital periodical newsletters, videos, clipping of media articles related to the Company, to the sector, market and trends, etc.

The Employee Portal

The Employee Portal has progressively established itself, over the years, as an important tool for streamlining and dematerializing operational human resource processes. We aim to increase productivity, the quality and level of the service rendered.

The Employee Portal is a web solution with an important set of benefits:

  • It gives employees autonomy of access to services and information through an intuitive and simplified interface;
  • It provides managers with a set of tools to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the work teams' management while reducing the administrative burden;
  • It enables the modernization and simplification of procedures, the increase in efficiency/effectiveness, and the rationalization of operating costs;
  • It allows human resources professionals to direct their attention to activities of greater strategic contribution to the Organization, minimizing their involvement in tasks with a reduced added value.

Internal events

We often hold internal events, with the purpose of promoting networking, raising employees' awareness to the Company's strategic challenges, and promoting knowledge and access to the Organization’s information. See some examples of past internal events:

In March 26, 2019 Galp has held its annual sustainability conference for the fourth consecutive year. The event provided the opportunity for the different players from the energy sector to share their knowledge and present a series of ideas on the future of energy. In addition to Carlos Gomes da Silva, CEO of Galp, Carlos Costa Pina, Executive Director of Galp, and Nuno Lacasta, President of the Portuguese Environment Agency, the conference was attended by a number of international speakers, who expounded their solutions for a rapid and effective energy transition. Tae-Yoon Kim, an analyst at the International Energy Agency, Kathrina Mannion from BP, Rafaela Guedes Monteiro from Petrobras and John MacArthur, representing Shell, were the foreign guests.

In March 29, 2019 Galp has held its annual Safety Forum that brought together an ensemble of employees with a view to raising awareness with regard to risks and creating greater enlightenment in relation to prevention. This event had the participation of Portuguese and international experts dedicated to safety and risk management on a daily basis.

The Galp Energisers Summit took place on 15 January 2019, and was attended by approximately 1000 energisers in the event, and 2000 energisers through live streaming, in a meeting of the Company’s employees. This event was attended by the Chairman of the Board of Directors, the Chairman of the Executive Committee, a group of national and international external speakers, and various speakers from Galp. A day of intense work and inspiration with the goal of moving fast forward to a successful future, where trends were discussed, new perspectives were analysed and the Company's strategic lines of action were presented.


Our chairman, Paula Amorim, promotes a cycle of lunches with collaborators from different backgrounds, with the aim of creating relaxed moments, without agenda or formalities, to promote proximity and involvement.

Initiative that, by entering a landing page produced for this purpose, creates matches between people based on the answer of a profile question and on the indicated topics of interest, in accordance with Galp values. Matching people are then invited to have breakfast to discuss these topics.