Engagement with employees

Galp maintains an active relationship with employees. We motivate an action in accordance with the values and principles of the Company.

Labour relations

The employees of the Group’s companies elect Committees to represent them, and Management representatives meet monthly with these employee representatives.
The goal of these meetings is to present, analyse, discuss and clarify issues and situations of labour nature that are considered relevant for the life of the Company and our employees

Index employee survey

Galp's strategic objective is to create an organisational climate that fosters a sense of belonging, of career perspective, and of development, so that each employee feels the motivation and the sense of mission that are necessary to carry out their duties.

The organisational climate diagnosis, which is done annually, allows us to know our employees' perceptions regarding various aspects that contribute to the climate that we experience in our Organisation.

At the end of 2016, we carried out a new diagnosis of the organisational climate, creating another channel for our employees to make their voices heard and to contribute for the setting of action priorities for 2017.

This diagnosis presented a new concept and had the following purposes:

  • To cover a larger number of employees (approximately 5,000 people covered, compared to 3,100 in the previous diagnosis);
  • To focus on faster and more agile online and mobile tools;
  • To simplify the diagnostic questionnaire, making it more objective;
  • To carry out the questionnaire annually, implementing regular interim monitoring.

In order to address these purposes, we designed a questionnaire that is in line with the best international practices and which allows us to reach the different realities in our Company.
The questionnaire covered approximately 5,000 people, with an overall participation rate of 67%, i.e., 3,305 employees.

The principle for the results' analysis was the proportion of representative answers of positive perceptions in the Organisation on each of the subjects assessed.

Besides other indicators, Galp has an indicator that measures the employees engagement with the company (performance of 81%), for which it has set an internal target of 75% to be achieve. In 2014/2015 the performance achieved was 70%.

The action plans that were set for 2017, which resulted from the organisational climate diagnosis results analysis, will focus primarily on the dimensions with less solid results and where we can improve as an organisation.
At the same time, we will focus on reinforcing our differentiating factors and on which the perceptions are already positive.

Follow-ups are scheduled throughout 2017 using shorter and more specific questionnaires, in order to monitor the impact of the action plans that were set, allowing us to become partners in creating solutions within Galp.

Internal communication tools

Aware that communication is fundamental in engaging with our employees, we have a series of tools for communication and for promoting the sharing of information:


The employee portal

The Employee Portal has progressively established itself, in the course of 2016, as an important tool for streamlining and dematerialising operational human resource processes. We aim to increase productivity, the quality and level of the service rendered.

The evolution of the platform usage rates illustrates that improvement, with an increase in the number of users. At the end of 2015, there where about 950 users, compared to the 2,490 currently recorded.

The Employee Portal is a web solution with an important set of benefits:

  • It gives employees autonomy of access to services and information through an intuitive and simplified interface;
  • It provides managers with a set of tools to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the work teams' management while reducing the administrative burden;
  • It enables the modernisation and simplification of procedures, the increase in efficiency/effectiveness, and the rationalisation of operating costs;
  • It allows human resources professionals to direct their attention to activities of greater strategic contribution to the Organisation, minimising their involvement in tasks with a reduced added value.

Internal events

We often hold internal events, with the purpose of:

  • Promoting networking;
  • Raising employees' awareness to the Company's strategic challenges;
  • Promoting knowledge and access to the Organisation’s information.

See some examples of past internal events:

The Senior Staff Meeting took place on 24 January 2017 at the Estoril Congress Centre and was attended by approximately 600 of the Company’s employees.

Dedicated to the values and the new culture intended to be lived at Galp, the “Ignition” meeting began with the welcome speech by the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Paula Amorim, who reinforced Galp's commitment to the future and the employees' ability to face the challenges that lie ahead.

On 29 September 2016, we held the "Creating Sustainable Value" conference, with the aim to share and debate different perspectives on the challenges and trends with regard to sustainability.

The opening of the event, which was attended by several experts, was in charge of the Chairman of Galp's Executive Committee Carlos Gomes da Silva, who stressed the importance of the Company's strategy for sustainability, embodied in six commitments, as a way of achieving the creation of shared and sustainable value.

"3volution" (Evologic, E-digital, Execution) was the theme of the 2016 Commercial Oil Division Meeting, held in February 2016.

The event, which was held at Pátio da Galé, in Terreiro do Paço, Lisbon, and was attended by around 430 employees, reviewed the results of the previous year and presented the commitments and goals for this year.

An integration action between Petrogal Brasil's employees and outsourced staff took place on 29 July, in Rio de Janeiro. This event resulted from a partnership between Petrogal Brasil and Dinsmore Compass, a human development institution.

The purpose of this meeting was to strengthen the team and foster the feeling of belonging. In that sense, dynamic outdoor activities were promoted which, through discussions, stimulated everyone's integration, motivation and commitment to achieve the objectives.

The Commercial Division’s annual meeting was held at the Estoril Congress Centre and was attended by about 450 employees.

The main messages were: “The Impossible... it just takes a little longer”; “Sell more, sell better”; “Business as UNusual”; “From Share to Size”; “United for a Service of Excellence” and “For an Efficient and Sustainable Technical Support”.

In order to present the Business Unit’s business plan and the challenges for the future, our CEO reminded staff of our Company's ambitions for 2020:

  • Efficient development of the business; Financial discipline and creation of value;
  • Organisational effectiveness;
  • Differentiating development of human capital.

Achieving success will require ambition, initiative, talent and teamwork, and cooperation with all areas.

The Environment, Quality, Safety and Sustainability Division met at a Lisbon hotel to promote strategic reflection, stimulate an environment of cooperation and align objectives. Facing real challenges and establishing commitments, the team also embraced its creativity and created a motto for the division: Together we support the Galp of the future!