Human capital development programmes

Galp currently has five programmes aimed at human capital development.

Get to know the programmes

Mapping Potential

Identification of young people of high potential, aiming at Galp's business. Definition of professional development plans in technical, management and leadership aspects.

Within the framework of this programme, we have developed assessment tools, such as:

  • individual reports;
  • individual career development;
  • specific training plans (for instance, ACE Academy).

In 2016, 145 employees were assessed.

Generation Galp Programme

Programme aimed at recruiting young graduates of high potential and with a remarkable ability to obtain results in highly demanding and competitive environments, contributing to the rejuvenation of strategic positions at Galp.

In its 2017/2018 edition, the Generation Galp Programme welcomed 39 young graduates to undertake one-year internships in various areas of the Company. The 2016/17 Generation Galp retention rate was 94%.