Valuing human capital

Galp’s success depends on its people.

The people are the focus of one of our main commitments: promoting their development and well-deserved acknowledgement, by respecting and valuing the individuality of each employee. Our ambition is to attract, retain and develop talent through a dynamic relationship of partnership. Because it is the energy of our people that enables our growth.

Objectives and goals

Positioning ourselves as a competitive employer, offering conditions that attract, develop and retain the talent of our employees.

Implementing a strategy of human capital management, ensuring the sustainability of our business, promoting value creation based on partnership, acting with continuous learning and demanding a high performance.

Implemented goals and objectives

By 2017, we had already implemented the following:

  • We have pursued a human capital management strategy with a focus on recruitment, development, performance management, compensation, information systems, welcoming, learning and training;
  • We have redefined the learning and training strategy, empowering “doing” and “sharing” through more formal training courses, along with more informal, experiential and collaborative learning approaches (e.g.: through coaching, mentoring, employee resource groups, social learning);
  • We have talent recruitment and management programmes: Generation Galp; Mapping High Potential; Galp Leap; mobility programmes;
  • We have implemented new models for performance management and talent and potential management, making a direct link between skill assessment and the development plan for each employee;
  • We have set up an acknowledgement programme, which is open to all its people and highlights employees who incorporate the Galp values in their daily lives - the Got it programme;
  • We use human capital management tools: a system of performance management by objectives and skills with 360˚ feedback; ROI (return on investment) of human capital; organisational climate diagnoses; new employee welcoming program; functional mobility programmes;
  • We have established a sustainability KPI for senior managers and other employees, reinforcing the Organisation's commitment to long-term value creation;
  • We have joined the Fórum Empresas para a Igualdade (Companies for Equality Forum) and established an internal working group to promote gender equality;
  • In Spain, we are among the 30 most committed companies to diversity and gender equality, according to Intrama, a Human Resources consultant who prepares an annual study on the Spanish business reality.

What we will implement

We plan to keep exceeding goals between 2018-2022:

  • Promoting gender equality, namely by:
    • Creating a permanent internal reflection and action group for gender equality;
    • Periodic awareness-raising sessions on this topic;
    • Fostering development programs for women, including support and guidance for career management;
  • Strengthening connections to universities for the implementation of specific programs (e.g.: theses, traineeships, talent incubators);
  • Continuing the talent development and retention programs across all job functions and age groups;
  • To keep local contracting in all geographies above 90% every year, until 2022;
  • Developing and implementing information systems that support people management processes.