Engagement with customers

Customers and consumers are critical for the development and the longevity of our Company and, in this context, our involvement with them is based on listening, understanding and satisfying their interests, needs and expectations, based on principles of ethics, conduct and transparency.

Services and products available

The needs of our clients are the starting point for developing new offers. In a segmented way, we offer a set of energy services and structured products.

Energy services

Domestic segment Offer of an exclusive range of services for Galp’s customers, available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Business segment Service that promotes energy efficiency and minimises potential risks or faults through 24-hour assistance and equipment and network maintenance.
Energy solutions (integrated energy solutions) Integrated energy solutions tailored to clients' needs.
Provide a more rational and efficient use.

Customer experience

Galp has also been investing in the development of digital tools to provide targeted and real-time data and offerings to its customer base. During 2018, Galp continued to develop the following digital media and customer relationship tools, operations, products and business models:

  • The Galp EvoDriver App is a digital loyalty mechanism aimed at facilitating and providing a better customer experience, which by the end of 2018 reached a total of 233 thousands users. The dematerialization of cards and mobile payments are two of the main initiatives we have been implementing.
  • The client portal is an online platform through which customers can autonomously manage the activities of their fleet or their cards, including checking consumption and invoices, as well as managing savings.


We are present in our clients’ daily lives with products that respond to their mobility, comfort and efficiency needs.

Our long experience guarantees the quality of our products, which meet the highest international standards of quality, safety and environmental respect.