Involvement with clients

At Galp, especially in the downstream market, we maintain a relationship with our clients and consumers based on principles of ethics, conduct and transparency. We are focused on quality, innovation and the safety of the products and services provided.

Clients are critical for the development and the longevity of our Company and, in this context, our involvement with this group of stakeholders is based on listening, understanding and satisfying their interests, needs and expectations.

These aspects are incorporated into our offer, as we strive for continuous improvement and the generation of shared value.


We build our relationships with clients and consumers by taking the following actions:

Communications in domestic and export markets

  • Awareness and dissemination of information of interest to the different segments.
  • Running loyalty campaigns.
  • Developing new products and services.
  • Promotional offers with major benefits for customers.
  • Promoting cultural and artistic activities.

Training, quality audits and implementation of continuous improvement actions

We seek to ensure that contact with clients are increasingly aligned with our objectives in our daily interactions with them.

Implementation of customer services for clients with special needs

This is the case with the special customer services provided in the Portuguese market for deaf people.

Specialised customer service

At Galp, we aim to improve the quality and constantly innovate specialised customer services.
We provide a customer service line via internet for video calls from deaf customers on the Portal do Cidadão Surdo.

This service is provided by a team of interpreters certified by Serviin who, through a video call, provide on-line interpretation of the Portuguese sign language. This innovation is based on the desire to improve the service to any deaf citizen who needs to contact Galp customer service.

Find out more about this service on the Portal do Cidadão Surdo.