The health of our people, our partners and the surrounding communities is essential to Galp’s operations.

For Galp, people’s health and safety are non-negotiable. We want this condition to be part of our daily lives and to be reflected on the behaviours and decisions of all those who are part of our Organisation.

We promote an integrated health management that follows the best international practices and regulations, based on four principles:

  • precaution;
  • prevention;
  • protection;
  • continuous improvement.

We understand health protection in a comprehensive perspective, taking into account all aspects of the physical, mental health and well-being of our employees and their families.

We focus primarily on two key dimensions:

  • health and medical surveillance;
  • provision of health care in the event of an accident or illness.
Indicator 2014 2015 2016 2017
Admission examinations 112 205 53 195
Periodical examinations 2,325 2,678 2,013 3,744
Occasional examinations 1,307 839 114 1,327
Occupational diseases 0 0 0 0