Resource consumption in our operations

Galp works every day towards optimising the use of natural resources in all stages of activity.

Optimising the use of resources is a constant concern at Galp. We promote a responsible use of resources in the three life cycle stages of our facilities, products and services:

  • formulation and design;
  • operation and lifespan;
  • end of life and deactivation.

Four efficiency axes

In all our operations, aiming at the efficiency in the use of natural resources, we operate according to four key axes.

  • Preservation of natural capital: we recognise natural capital as a value-generating element, thus, the destruction of ecosystems has a negative economic impact. We must encourage their preservation by controlling the finite stock of resources (creating conditions for the resource regeneration) and balancing the associated renewable flows.
  • Optimisation of resource yields: we seek to minimise consumption and maximise utility through reuse, namely of materials and energy, thus promoting increased efficiency in the use of resources.
  • Redesign of processes and models: we promote the reconsideration of processes and business models, taking technical and economic, social and institutional issues into account, and, ultimately, redesigning them.
  • Innovation and new technologies: we take the development of new strategies based on innovation and technology as a basis for effecting and leveraging the changes to current society dynamics, enabling the changes in the productive systems, but also in society’s habits and culture.