Galp’s Culture of Innovation

We promote innovation and technological development, as well as cooperation and knowledge sharing, which are crucial factors for maximising the value we extract from our portfolio, and also for the sustainability of the Company and of the communities we operate in.

Culture of innovation and entrepreneurial attitude

The energy sector has been going through deep changes that are expected to intensify in the coming decades, and it is currently characterised as being more volatile and complex than most other sectors.

The world has also changed and, in a context of decarbonising the economy and changing the mobility paradigm, creating long-term value requires innovative solutions and developing new business.

Galp ensures the surveillance of the main business variables by promoting technological development and encouraging knowledge networks through partnerships. Innovation projects are developed in-house or in partnership with other scientific and technological reference players or entities.

The strategic agenda we redefined for innovation in 2017 was based on a scenario-making exercise that identified four major axes:


To face the industry’s transforming challenges, we will continue to invest in the transition into a business model that is supported by digital solutions and information systems.