Engagement with suppliers and other partners

At Galp, we continuously monitor the performance of our suppliers, service providers and other business partners.

Galp wants to establish solid and prosperous partnerships based on transparency that promotes continuous improvement and value creation. We want its performance to conform to the requirements we apply in our operations and activities. We require business practices to conform to the contractual conditions we establish for the various components of sustainability.

Sectoral associations and partners

We believe that in order to respond to substantive matters, it is essential to understand their dynamic character and the context in which they assert themselves. Therefore, we maintain a network for cooperation, sharing, understanding and knowledge development, which benefits from advantages of scale by centralising common processes that would otherwise have to be reproduced within the structures of the various associates.

We participate in various industry associations in different business segments and maintain active relationships with different partners in order to improve and share our knowledge and know-how.

Galp supports relevant associations in the Oil & Gas industry, namely:

  • Fuels Europe - European Petroleum Refiners Association
  • APETRO - Portuguese Association of Petroleum Products 
  • AOP – Asociacion Española Operadores Produtos Petroliferos (Spanish Association of Petroleum Products Operators)
  • CEFIC - European Chemical Industry Council
  • Eurobitume, the European Association of Bitumen Producers

To support the top five most relevant associations, Galp had spent c. € 520 k, in 2017.

Learn more about Galp's main associations and sectoral partners.