Engagement with investors

Galp’s strategy is based on the creation of sustainable value for our shareholders, by developing and expanding our activities.

At the end of 2021, 100% of the free float was held by institutional investors from 33 countries. 

Open and transparent communication

At Galp, we strive to maintain an open and transparent communication with the financial community. Our main concern is to disseminate, in a thorough and timely manner, information relevant to the market about our strategy and activities, whilst promoting the necessary actions to increase knowledge and interaction with market regulators, analysts and investors.

With this objective, we perform a series of initiatives on a regular basis, namely:

  • We meet regularly with institutional investors, and convene many meetings annually in Europe, North America and Asia;
  • We provide an information channel for shareholders and investors on the Galp – Investor Channel website, where information about Annual Reports and Quarterly Results, institutional presentations, economic and financial information, and other more detailed information can be consulted;
  • We events annually to promote interaction between the Company's management team and investors, as well as communicate updates to our strategic and financial plan.