Creating shared value

We face the challenges that the world presents to us every day, mindful of the impact that our actions have on society. Therefore, we act ethically and responsibly, sharing with society the value we create. We do this through the creation of direct and indirect employment, by valuing our human capital, promoting the development of local economies, streamlining our supply chain and distributing and reinvesting the wealth generated.

Governments, societies and businesses are interconnected and face economic, ecological and social challenges that require effective action. Every economic decision has an impact on society and the natural heritage, and, likewise, the creation of economic value depends on human/social, environmental/ecological resources.

Recognising sustainability as a guiding principle, Galp has made its way developing and expanding its business, investing in new opportunities, and focused on innovation, R&D, quality and safety. At the same time we maintain a solid capital structure, always respecting the social and environmental surroundings, and aware of the responsibility to create value and give back.

The value created by the Company is redistributed, directly and indirectly, by all stakeholders, in various forms.

One example of creating shared value can be illustrated by the investments made, especially in developing regions. These investments create new business opportunities to partners, create jobs, boost local economy and develop human capital through structured and targeted training programmes. Innovative products and services will also benefit customers through their efficiency and quality, creating new business opportunities.

  2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
Economic value generated (€m) 18,644 19,763 18,126 15,617 13,241 15,309
Economic value retained (€m) 559 568 278 578 593 933
Economic value distributed (€m) 18,085 19,195 17,848 15,039 12,648 14,376