Galp 21

Galp 21 is a university cooperation programme whose purpose is the annual development of 21 studies and works carried out by students or master’s students in Portugal’s top three universities - Universidade de Aveiro (University of Aveiro), Instituto Superior Técnico (Higher Technical Institute) and the Faculdade de Engenharia of the Universidade do Porto (Engineering School of the University of Porto). Its aim is to identify and develop rational energy systems and behaviours that may be applied to the industry and buildings.

Formerly known as Galp 20-20- 20, Galp 21 completed its 11th edition in 2017 and is considered the largest programme for energy efficiency research in Portugal.

The programme is based on a shared mentoring system between Galp (the client manager), the client company and the university concerned. The studies’ accomplishment of is followed up by Galp, with the objective of contributing to its materialisation into specific energy efficiency projects in its clients.

We aim that this programme will also start to respond to a new challenge - the Circular Economy. To that end, the projects to be developed will include this topic, bearing in mind the rational use of resources, besides the energy resources.

By 2020, the energy efficiency measures that we will propose to our customers / partners covered by this program will avoid, in case of implementation, on average the emission of 10% of CO2 / year in the processes evaluated.

Incentives for participants

In addition to a scholarship, the young people covered by this programme are also automatically entitled to participate in a competition that monetarily awards the three best works done in each university.

Since 2007, 213 grantees have been placed in many other companies and public entities.

In 2017, 116 measures were proposed, 20.7% of which were implemented by the participating entities. All the proposed measures allowed for average reductions of 10.4% in primary energy consumption and 9.4% in CO2 emissions, with an average return on investment time of 3.9 years.

List of companies and entities participating in Galp 21.

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