Energy efficiency in small and medium-sized enterprises

Galp promotes energy efficiency programmes that aim to optimise energy consumption in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

In this context, two programmes stand out: Galp ProEnergy SME and Galp Energy Manager.

Galp ProEnergy

The aim of Galp ProEnergy SME is to help SMEs become more aware of the efficient consumption of electricity through free training that addresses topics such as consumption optimisation in areas such as lighting, air conditioning, and cold equipment.

More than 900 companies from different economic sectors are enrolled in the programme.

25 training sessions were held in various parts of the country, and 30 companies were honoured with the Galp ProEnergy label which recognises SMEs with the best results in implementing energy efficiency actions.

Galp Energy Manager

The aim of Galp Energy Manager is to provide SMEs in the industrial sector with monitoring, management and control tools that enable them to optimise their electricity consumption and reduce associated costs.

By the end of 2016, 134 contracts had been signed with 116 companies with an annual consumption of 205 GWh/year.