In the cogeneration units

Galp’s offer of production and marketing of electric and thermal energy leads to a reduction in energy costs.

The focus on steam and hot water are to enable the reduction of energy costs and free up investment capacity for industrial clients.

Assets held in this business include three cogeneration plants: Sinecogeração, Portocogeração and Agroger, for electricity production totaling 173 MW. In 2017, the electricity sales from the cogeneration plants was 1,386 GWh.

Our cogeneration units comply with the best environmental practice standards and guidelines, such as compliance with CO, NOx and particle emissions, and waste management. These measures are of mandatory implementation and reviewed on an annual basis.

The project to install two new cogeneration plants at the Sines and Matosinhos refineries is aimed at supplying high pressure steam to the refineries.

The refineries then benefited from the advantages of the combined production of electric and thermal energy through the burning of natural gas in gas turbines - a technology of great energy efficiency in the production of steam in the required conditions for the refineries.

The steam produced in the new cogeneration plants replaces most of what is produced in nowadays’ fuel oil boilers.

These plants’ atmospheric emissions are significantly reduced in elements such as:

  • Sulphur oxides (SOx), given that the fuel of the cogeneration unit will be natural gas.
  • Particulate matter.
  • Nitrogen oxides (NOx).
  • Carbon dioxide (CO2), in particular in the component linked to thermal energy.

The operation of these plants is an energy efficiency measure itself, as it promotes the reduction of primary energy consumption and the consequent CO2 emissions, contributing significantly to a performance improvement of the refining system and at a national level.