Clients and partners

Galp encourages our partners and clients to be energy efficient.

At Galp, we are constantly looking for innovative resource management solutions, in conjunction with our partners.

These improvements are achieved by implementing:

  • Higher efficiency solutions and equipment;
  • Consumption measurement systems;
  • Decentralised energy production systems;
  • Client awareness improvement and the adoption of beneficial behaviours.

Rational use of energy

We promote measures for the efficient and rational use of energy, with a view to preserving the environment and reducing costs for users.

  • We stimulate the use of renewable energy.
  • We promote the adoption of energy-efficient solutions.
  • We encourage better management of consumption, and provide savings and control of energy bills for our clients and employees.
  • We promote eco-efficient driving, which has enabled us to achieve a reduction of 140 tons of CO₂ emissions across our fleet compared to 2015.

More about energy efficiency with our partners