Energy and climate

Energy and climate

We seek the balance between meeting the energy needs and minimizing the carbon intensity of our activity.

  • Galp´s decarbonisation ambitions are embedded in its strategic plan. The Company has established long-term objectives and a pathway towards carbon intensity reduction, by bringing its portfolio in line with the vision for carbon neutrality in Europe by 2050 and committing to reduce the carbon intensity of its activities by at least 15% by 2030 (2017 as reference year).
  • Galp holds a set of world class assets which combine both industry-leading cost-competitiveness and environmental performance. The 2030 carbon intensity reduction is expected to be met primarily by the execution of the main strategic guidelines previously announced by the Company.
  • For the purpose of the carbon intensity calculation, Galp adopted a methodology considering a “well-to-wheel”, full life cycle, approach with the energy and emissions accounted for under this metric (scopes 1, 2 and 3) reflecting the production, processing and delivery of energy to Galp’s end consumers, as well as the usage of this energy. According to the revised methodology, Galp’s 2017 carbon intensity was 78 gCO2e/MJ. 

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