Board statements

Statement from the CSO

At Galp, we continue to work towards the creation of long-term value. We do not just focus on the challenges of today, but we also try to outline our responses to future challenges. In fact, many of these challenges are thought to happen but have not yet occurred, will manifest themselves in a way that is not yet fully understood, or are not yet known or even imagined. Therefore, our strategy simultaneously includes execution and continuity lines, and lines of response to the emerging risks that are associated with the new paradigms and new trends that are forming and with the potential disruptions in the markets where we operate.

Galp affirms its position as an organisation that seeks to share benefits with all business partners or stakeholders. That is why it is crucial that we do it in a sustainable and lasting manner, keeping our stakeholders’ expectations in mind, who we want to have as partners whom we build and share our success with, leveraging it and giving it sustainability, thus leaving a perennial mark in the world. In order to achieve this, we interpret context and trends, mind our activity’s systemic nature in relation to the social, economic and environmental components of value creation, and reflect it at the various levels of our performance and in the demands we impose on our activity.

In this exciting and transformational context, we remain confident that our sustainability commitments will enable us to be competitive and will lead us to success in the short, medium and long term, enabling us to address the many challenges the future brings. We would like to once again recall our commitments, which are renewed on a daily basis:

I. Acting responsibly and ethically, ensuring the best governance practices and transparency;

II. Engaging with the community and other stakeholders and encouraging the creation of shared value;

III. Valuing human capital;

IV. Helping to satisfy future energy needs and minimise the intensity of the activity’s carbon footprint;

V. Ensuring the protection of the environment, people and assets;

VI. Promoting innovation, research, and technological development.

Learn more in this channel and in our Annual Report on the strategic objectives we associate therewith and on how important it is for us to create sustainable value.

Carlos Costa Pina, Chief Sustainability Officer, Chief Risk Officer and Executive Director for Galp’s New Energies.