3/21/2019 | Social Responsibility

Humanitarian aid to Mozambique

The Galp Foundation will provide emergency supplies to support the Red Cross’s relief effort. Galp employees collect food and essential goods.

With a presence in the country spanning more than 60 years, Galp is rallying assistance to provide essential goods to the victims of cyclone Idai through the local Red Cross.

In light of the disaster situation that the country is going through, the Galp Foundation will be providing the Red Cross with €150,000 in emergency supplies to support the relief effort to the victims in Mozambique, with a focus on the province of Sofala.

Aware that the availability of fuel is of fundamental importance to the relief and construction effort, Galp is doing all it can to keep its service stations in the affected areas running.

Galp is also mobilising its employees in various regions to collect essential goods that will be sent to Mozambique’s Red Cross over the coming days.

About Galp

Galp is a publicly held, Portuguese-based energy company, with an international presence. Our activities cover all stages of the energy sector's value chain, from prospection and extraction of oil and natural gas from reservoirs located kilometers under the sea surface, to the development of efficient and environmentally sustainable energy solutions for our customers. We help large industries to increase their competitiveness, or individual consumers looking for the most flexible solutions for their home and mobility needs. Our offerings combine all types of energy, from electricity to gas and liquid fuels. We also contribute to the economic development and social progress of local communities in the 11 countries where we operate. Galp employs 6,389 people.