2/1/2019 | Brazil

Start of production of the FPSO #9 (P-67), in Lula/Iracema

Galp, partner of the BM-S-11 consortium, informs that FPSO P-67 started production in the Lula North area, in the pre-salt of the Santos basin. 


FPSO P-67 is the ninth production unit and the third replicant to start operations in the Lula/Iracema projects. It was specifically designed to operate in the Santos basin pre-salt projects, with a capacity to daily process up to 150 thousand barrels of oil and 6 million cubic metres of natural gas. The FPSO is expected to be connected to nine producer and six injector wells.


With the start of P-67, the BM-S-11 consortium has successfully completed the initial large infrastructure development investments in Lula/Iracema. Since the beginning of the decade, a total of nine units with a combined capacity to daily process up to 1.3 million barrels of oil and 56 million cubic metres of natural gas have been installed, representing the successful execution of a global benchmark project.


Galp, through its subsidiary Petrogal Brasil, owns a 10% stake in the consortium that develops block BM-S-11. Petrobras is the operator of the Lula/Iracema projects, holding a 65% stake, with Shell Brasil Petróleo Ltda. holding the remaining 25%.