6/22/2021 | Others

Information on shares’ transaction by a member of the Board of Directors (Andy Brown, CEO)

Pursuant to the terms of article 248-B of the Portuguese Securities Code, article 14 of the CMVM regulation n.º 05/2008 and article 19 of the EU regulation n.º 596/2014 from the European Parliament and Council, Galp hereby discloses the information received on June 21, 2021, from a member of the Board of Directors, Andrew Richard Dingley Brown, regarding the acquisition of Galp shares.

Nature of transaction Market Date Security Quantity Price (€/sh)
Acquisition London Stock Exchange MTF 2021/06/18 PTGAL0AM0009 25,323 9.61

After this transaction, Andrew Richard Dingley Brown holds 25,323 Galp shares.