What we expect from you

It’s simple. A small action and the world transforms itself as if by magic. Joy yields joy, a smile boosts our will, dedication results in innovation, each reality drives a new perspective. It is what we do and what we expect from you.

Galp DNA

Ideas generate ideas


Imagine a blank page. It is as much intimidating as it is liberating and it is that thrill that surprises us when we least expect it. Take a chance, try new things!

Smiles boost our will

Enthusiasm, optimism, good mood.

Energy creates energy, and as we face our challenges with trust and commitment, we are positively affecting those around us. We believe that with our strengths we will overcome our challenges. Each problem has a solution. Face each day with the joy of knowing that, in the end, you will work it out!

My will has the power of creating energy

Setting out to make a difference

Because there is always room to know more, explore and dream more. As we explore new possibilities, we change our perspective about the present and anticipate a sustainable tomorrow. You are more important than you think – there is always someone who inspires you, or who is inspired by you!

Dedication results in innovation

Determination, resilience.

Ask questions, try and make mistakes in order to be successful. It is an infinite movement that leads us to the greatest discoveries. Don’t loose your spirit, move forward courageously and challenge yourself to go further!

Your idea can start a movement

Acumen, knowledge.

The world changes and we drive that change. Ideas waiting to be linked, conclusions that need to be drawn, the dots are connected and everything starts to make sense. Dare to share your input. Captivate with your words. Let your thoughts be the starting point to a movement!

Our world goes beyond Galp

Inspired by the world.

Each reality shows a new perspective. We are the result of our experience. And, as we experiment new realities, we grow. We expand our horizons, we see what we haven’t seen before and we make it visible to others. Don’t forget, as someone put it, your size is as big as what you see!