Upstream in Namibia

Get to know Galp’s Upstream business in Namibia.
Consortium: Galp (Operator, 80%) National Petroleum Corporation of Namibia (NAMCOR) (10%) Custos (10%)
Area: 20,000 km²
Type: Offshore
Water depth: 180-2,500 metres

In 2012, Galp signed a farm-in agreement in oil exploration licenses located in Namibia’s offshore:

  • PEL 23 in the Walvis basin.
  • PEL 28 in the Orange basin.

As part of the exploratory campaign carried out in 2013, three wells were drilled: two in the Walvis basin and one in the Orange basin, although none of them resulted in a commercial discovery.

In 2016, Galp reached an agreement with the Namibian government to secure the exploration licenses in PEL 82, formerly PEL 23, in the Walvis basin, and in PEL 83, formerly PEL 28, in the Orange basin.

The concessions cover a total area of about 20,000 km2 and are located in emerging provinces, where the existence of hydrocarbons has already been proved.

The Company continues with the area’s geological assessment, having successfully concluded the 3D seismic acquisition in PEL 82 during 2018. Throughout 2019, the consortium also successfully concluded a 3D seismic acquisition campaign in PEL 83 of roughly 3,000 km2.