Upstream in East Timor

Galp has been present in East Timor since 2007. It currently has stakes in block E.

Initially present in Blocks A, B, C, E and H, at this stage Galp holds stakes only in Block E.

During the first exploration phase, 2D and 3D seismic acquisition was carried out and gravimetric and magnetic data were acquired. Several geological studies were also carried out, with samples collected from the seabed and the subsequent processing and interpretation of the acquired seismic.


The consortium began the process of abandonment of areas B, C and H.

Following the analysis of existing data and the assessment of the blocks’ potential, Block A was returned.

Late 2010

The first exploration well was drilled in Block C. Its assessment, carried out later in 2011, concluded that this was a dry well.

Consortium: Galp (10%) Eni (Operator, 80%) Kogas (10%)
Area: 8,595 km²
Type: Ultra-deep waters
Water depth: 0 – 2,000 metres