New Businesses

Galp is working towards identifying and developing opportunities expected to become large stand-alone businesses, in areas related to sustainability, energy transition, transportation, infrastructure and manufacturing.

Opportunities in growing markets with high potential for innovative business models based in new technologies and digital transformation. Focused on the go to market strategy and on the reduction of both the technical and commercial risks and the time to market.

Collaboration with partners is key to make this a success. We work on strategic alliances, investments and acquisitions to ensure the commitment that is needed to build large stand-alone businesses.

Flow and ei are examples of the way the Company intends to build new businesses, by setting up agile, independent teams that have the tools, capabilities and governance to grow fast in a sustainable way.

Through Flow, Galp is promoting an integrated electrical mobility solution for its customers' fleets, which includes charging systems, fleet management and vehicle sharing. This solution aims to enable businesses and customers to reduce their ecological footprint and costs simply and efficiently.

By ei - energía independiente Galp also provides solar-self consumption solutions, combines different technologies to design the best solar panel installation for each customer according to their needs and consumption. Keep always optimizing and monitoring to get the most of it during the whole life of the installation.