Renewables & New Businesses

The Renewables & New Businesses unit is focused on developing a sustainable and diversified portfolio of renewable energy generation, which can be leveraged by synergies with the Company's remaining energy businesses, namely Commercial, whilst supporting its energy transition trajectory and carbon intensity reduction ambitions. In addition, this unit identifies, assesses, and develops new businesses opportunities in the energy space, seeking to add new value pools and maximise the value creation of current businesses, by taking advantage of the disruptive changes that the industry is going through.

Main indicators

  • Gross renewable capacity in operations and construction & development
    c.4.7 GW Gross renewable capacity in operations and construction & development
  • Gross renewable generation installed capacity
    963 MW Gross renewable generation installed capacity
  • Gross renewable power generation
    1,288 GWh Gross renewable power generation

* considering operating and under development projects

Galp innovation | Innovation factory (Up)

The goal of innovation is to build a portfolio of opportunities to boost the energy transition and accelerate the path to decarbonisation. In alignment with the Company’s strategy, by testing new solutions and increasing the engagement with the innovation ecosystem, Galp will be able to discover, test and validate solutions that may create new profit streams.

Innovation at Galp means teamwork and every initiative or project involves those that will make it happen in an agile way, bringing together different competencies and know-how for the squads.

The innovation centres work closely with the business units in order to ensure the full alignment and agile decisions and execution.

The Upcoming Energies is the platform of open innovation for energy transition; it is Galp’s open door to collaboration with the innovation ecosystem (start-ups, universities, other). Lastly, the Innovation Studio is a pool of innovation experts that boost projects with specific tools and methodologies.

Galp intends to position itself for the next growth cycle and the future of energy, to pursue the strategic objectives for a truly sustainable path, increasing the resilience and competitiveness of its portfolio, regenerating the future.