Renewables & New Businesses

The new Renewables & New Businesses unit is a clear step for Galp to embrace the energy transition, by developing a sustainable and diversified portfolio of renewable power generation and represents a natural hedge to our Iberian commercial power activities.

Galp aspires is engaged to take an active role in shifting the energy paradigm. With c. 40% of its planned investments to be allocated to projects that promote the energy transition, Galp aspires to anticipate new trends, adapt its portfolio to future needs, explore synergies with its current Iberian activities and by promote a progressive reduction of its carbon intensity while sustaining a track record of value creation.

Additionally, this unit aims to maximize the value created, taking advantage of the disruptive changes that energy markets are experiencing by developing new business opportunities, where Galp has a competitive advantage to grow and scale fast.


Main indicators

  • installed capacity under operation
    926 Mwp installed capacity under operation
  • total capacity expected by 2024*
    3.8 GW total capacity expected by 2024*

* considering operating and under development projects