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Galp is currently operating in Africa through stakes in several companies. Each company is focused on a specific market, allowing brands to adjust their marketing and operations to different cultures, maximising value for customers in each region.

The Company has been strengthening its position in a selected group of countries in Africa, where market growth is expected. The quality of the products, as well as the geographical location and synergies with the existing logistical and business capacities are true competitive advantages contributing to the development of Galp's market in these countries.

During the year, the Company maintained its network, with a total of 199 service stations and 134 convenience stores spread through five African countries. Galp maintains a relevant position in most of the African markets in which it operates.

During 2021, the Company extended its digital transformation programme to African countries, namely Mozambique, with new platforms that will be fundamental in managing data, improving customer relationships and optimising operational performance.

Galp completed the investments in the Mozambican logistics facilities, which consisted of the construction of two new logistical bases for the reception, storage and shipment of liquid fuels and LPG in Beira and Matola. The last milestone of the project was achieved with the inauguration of a filling line for LPG bottles in Matola. These assets are fundamental in supporting the regional activities of oil products in Mozambique. In addition, Galp will be able to extend its area of influence in this region of Africa, expanding its activities to neighbouring countries.