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Through our integrated energy offers, and leveraging our widespread retail network, we deliver solutions that add value to the lives of our customers at home, on the road, everywhere and anytime.

On the road

Using the distribution network under Galp’s brand, we offer oil products, electric mobility, new energies, non-fuel and convenience products, as well as diverse services to B2C clients.

By the end of 2021, Galp's retail network consisted of a total of 1,281 service stations in Iberia, 702 of which in Portugal. The Company also has 343 convenience stores in Portugal and 385 in Spain.

Regarding oil products, in 2021, Galp maintained its leadership in the Portuguese market and maintained a relevant position in Iberia, reaching a market share of c.28% in Portugal and c.4% in Spain.

Galp has been renovating and enhancing its network of stores and service stations, offering differentiated products and services, as well as prioritising and optimising customer experience. The Company aspires to convert more than 60% of its current retail network by 2026, with digitalisation playing a key role in the transition to expand the non-fuel offer.

Galp’s non-fuel products and services contribution margin in 2021, already surpassed 2019 levels by c.5%. The Company will continue its efforts to enhance the non-fuel offering and expects to double this contribution by 2025.

We continue to invest in strong partnerships in the various market segments where we operate, improving cross-sales and differentiating Galp's brand as a service provider. During 2021, we continued to develop partnerships with online home delivery platforms, doubling the number of deliveries YoY, which amounted to over 125 thousand.

The customer base associated with loyalty programmes reached a total of around 2 million customers in 2021, mainly as a result of the partnership with the largest food retail group in Portugal, Sonae, and a new partnership developed in 2021 with the Portuguese airline TAP. In the Iberian retail segment, more than 40% of the oil product volumes sold are connected to loyalty programmes.

In order to capture new market opportunities, Galp has been exploring new value creation sources in the field of new energies, which includes the electric mobility market and Natural Gas for Vehicles (NGV).

In electric mobility, the Company has a leading position in Portugal, with an electricity volume market share of around 22%. Through the Galp Electric card commercial offer, the Company provides energy, mobility solutions and services on the road and at home. During 2021, more than 12 thousand cards were issued.

During 2021, Galp supplied 3.4 GWh of electricity through its charging infrastructure, up 109% YoY. All the electricity supplied by Galp is green electricity, 100% produced from renewable sources.

In 2021, Galp more than doubled the number of operating charging points, surpassing 1,000 points in Iberia. Currently, the Company owns the largest network in Portugal with 1,146 points, of which 172 are Fast and Ultra-Fast Charging Points. The Company is also developing its network structure in Spain, with 40 charging points already installed.

During 2022, the Company will continue to focus on expanding its charging station network in Iberia, favouring new partnerships and installations in its service station network, but also identifying other locations, both on public and private locations.

The Company expects to have more than 10,000 operating charging points installed in Iberia by the end of 2025, with this business playing a relevant role in Galp’s transition to a lower-carbon portfolio.

At home

Galp is close to its residential customers through the integrated offer of natural gas, electricity and LPG in Iberia, as well as various services aimed at ensuring safety, efficiency and comfort.

Galp supplies natural gas and electricity to more than 560 thousand B2C customers in Iberia. The Company is one of the key players in the region, with a market share of c.23% in natural gas and c.6% in the electricity market in Portugal.

Galp’s B2C customer base, excluding regulated market, increased 5% during 2021, mostly through the 3-minute app. This tool speeds up the acquisition of new customers in record time and in a completely digital way, which is available in Galp’s service stations and resellers' spaces. The environmental concern and the need for a sustainable energy transition is becoming increasingly relevant and is a core focus of Galp. As such, our offer only includes green electricity, 100% produced from renewable sources.

Galp also provides energy efficiency solutions, as well as technical services aimed at optimising and reducing energy consumption by installing more efficient equipment.

In Spain, Galp is present in the gas and electricity market through a 25% stake in a digital supplier, PODO, which currently has 92 thousand customers on a digital platform that allows the combined supply of gas, electricity and services in a more agile manner.