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Through our integrated energy offers, and leveraging our widespread retail network, we deliver solutions that add value to the lives of our customers at home, on the road, everywhere and anytime.

On the road

We sell from oil products to new energies, non-fuel and convenience, as well as diverse services to our customers, through the retail network under Galp’s brand.

Galp concentrates its activity in Iberia where it is a leading player, operating a large distribution network, and in Africa where the Company has been reinforcing its position in selected countries where market growth is expected to be attractive. The Company believes that it can create more value in these markets due to the quality of its products and services, and its premium geographic location.

Retail network

Galp’s retail network comprises a total of 1,475 service stations, of which 1,276 are in Iberia.

Regarding oil products, in 2020, Galp maintained its leadership in the Portuguese market and maintained a relevant position in Iberia, reaching a market share of c.28% in Portugal and c.4% in Spain. 

In Africa, the Company has 199 service stations.

The Company has a multi-targeted service station management strategy, and classifies them into four categories:

  • CoCo (company-owned-company-operated);
  • CoDo (company-owned-dealer-operated);
  • CoFo (company-owned-franchise-operated);
  • DoDo (dealer-owned-dealer-operated).

Over 40% of the stations in Iberia are managed using the CoDo model.

Products and services

Galp’s offering in its service stations, include, among others:

  • Oil products (such as gasoline, diesel, lubricants or LPG);
  • New Energies (such as electric mobility, NGV or CNV);
  • Non-fuel and/or convenience products;
  • Services.

Galp’s commercial activity is present in seven countries: Portugal, Spain, Mozambique, Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau and the Kingdom of Eswatini. Volumes sold in Africa accounted for around 9% of the oil sales to direct clients in 2020.

To capture additional value from rising market opportunities, Galp is keen to tap new value pools within the new energies scope, which includes electric mobility and NGV. 

In electric mobility, after the launching of the Galp Electric card commercial offer, Galp assumed a leading role in Portugal, with a market share of around 20%. Through this offer, the Company supplies energy, mobility solutions and services on the road.

The Company owns the largest network of charging points in Portugal, 65 Fast Charging Points (FCP) and 448 Normal Charging Points (NCP), and in 2020 has launched the first ultra-fast charging point in the country. Galp is also developing its infrastructure in Spain, with 31 charging points installed.

Galp is adapting to new consumption patterns, enhancing its retail stations’ concept in order to reinvent this business, keeping up with new market trends and customer expectations, while embracing the energy transition. In this context, digitalisation plays a key role in adapting the non-fuel offer to new consumption patterns. 

In 2020, Galp remodelled more than 45 convenience stores in Spain, always privileging the customer experience and adopting a new layout with a differentiated coffee shop service.

Non-fuel products and services accounted for c.17% of the total contribution margin in the retail segment in Iberia.

Galp leverages strong partnerships in different market segments, which allow to increase cross-selling and differentiate Galp’s brand as a service provider.

The customer base associated with loyalty programmes continues to growth, having reached a total of c.2 million clients in 2020, mainly as a result of the partnership with the largest food retail group in Portugal, Sonae. In the Iberian retail segment, 42% of the volume sold is attributed to loyalty programs.

At home

Galp is also close to its residential customers, providing an integrated offer of natural gas, electricity and LPG in Iberia, as well as several services aimed at ensuring safety, efficiency and comfort.

Products and services

  • Natural gas;
  • Electricity;
  • LPG (including heating and cooking devices);
  • Services (24h technical assistance, Family medical assistance, Comfort Line, energetic certification, etc.).

In the B2C, Galp provides natural gas and electricity to over 555 thousand customers in Iberia. The Company has an integrated offer of natural gas and electricity, being one of the key players in the region, and market leader in Portugal, with a market share of c.23% in natural gas and c.5% in the electricity market.

The adaptation of commercial offers to new trends and market requirements is one of Galp's main priorities. The environmental concern and the need for a sustainable energy transition is becoming increasingly relevant. From the second half of 2020 onwards, Galp started providing its new customers with green electricity offer, produced from 100% renewable sources, which saw a strong receptivity from its clients.

On the LPG, the Company markets the propane and butane gas it produces at its refineries in Iberia and in Africa. At home, LPG is distributed bottled, in bulk or piped. In Portugal, the bottled segment is the most important and in Spain, the bulk segment is the most significant.

Galp also offers energy efficiency solutions as well as technical services aimed at optimising and reducing energy consumption with the installation of more efficient equipment.

Commitment to quality

The Company remains focused on selling additive-enhanced fuel and committed to the excellence of the products and services provided.

With this in mind, Galp continues to offer Evologic diesel and gasoline, high performance additives which allow for greater savings, extended engine life and greater efficiency, with lower GHG emissions, consequently benefiting the environment.