Galp is the trusted partner on integrated energy by providing value-added solutions, offering fit-for purpose products and services to its customer base in Iberia and African countries.


The Company has about 21 thousand customers of oil products and more than 10 thousand customers of natural gas and electricity in Iberia, which are scattered through a variety of segments such as:

  • Transportation & Distribution;
  • Aviation;
  • Marine Bunkers;
  • Industry;
  • Services;
  • Public Sector;
  • Others.


Galp's offer in the B2B segment in Iberia covers the entire portfolio, including:

  • Oil products (such as gasoline, diesel, LPG or Lubricants);
  • Natural gas;
  • Electricity;
  • New Energies (such as electric mobility, GNV);
  • Others


The Company has been promoting the creation of value for its customers by offering energy efficiency solutions, as well as technical services aimed at optimising and reducing energy consumption by installing more efficient equipment. In the B2B segment, Galp's offer includes:

  • Installation of EV charging points;
  • Solar PV installation;
  • Technical assistance for gas and electricity installations;
  • Auditing, training and certification services for energy efficiency, efficient lighting and photovoltaic projects;
  • Solar-self consumption, through ei - energía independiente, company specialized in personalized solutions in solar energy for businesses;
  • Others.