World Cup 2022 | Carbon Offsets

As main sponsor of the Portugal national football team, Galp will offset the emissions associated with the National Team's travel to the 2022 World Cup, including air travel and travel between the training centre and the various stadiums where the matches will take place. The calculation of the estimated emissions was carried out by an independent entity, consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers. With the completion of the event, PwC will make the necessary adjustments to the estimated calculations and will report to Galp the final calculation of the carbon footprint and respective assumptions considered to be offset.

The emissions will be offset through investment in the SafeWater project in Mozambique, a project to supply drinking water to the local population. At the same time, Galp will also invest in the 2B Forest - Passadiços do Paiva project, a reforestation and biodiversity preservation project, in order to offset the same tonnes of CO2 in Portugal.


Safe Water Project | Mozambique

Project name: Safe Water

Contribution to SDGs: 3, 5, 6 and 13

Certification: Gold Standard 


The project rehabilitates, installs and maintains boreholes to ensure communities have safe access to water, as well as building local capacity to ensure water points are managed in the future. The project will support the provision of safe water to hundreds of households in Manica, Sofala and Tete provinces. 

By providing safe water, the project will ensure that households consume less firewood during the water purification process and, as a result, there will be a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions from the combustion process.

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2B Forest - Passadiços do Paiva | Portugal


Project name: 2B Forest - Passadiços do Paiva


The company's 2BForest project in the Paiva Passages was the first certified under the Ecosystem Services Certification in Portugal. The certification covers services of Biodiversity, Carbon and Tourism, with Galp financially supported the service of carbon sequestration stored by the forest areas surrounding the Passadiços do Paiva.

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At Galp, our priority is to reduce the emissions from our activities and the carbon intensity of the energy we produce and sell to our clients.