Rock in Rio 2022 | Carbon Offsets

As official sponsor of Rock in Rio, Galp took the decision to offset all carbon emissions associated with the holding of the event in the 2022 edition.

This offset resulted in investment in two projects that promote the capture and reduction of carbon emissions: one in Portugal, in the area surrounding the Passadiços do Paiva, and another in Africa, more specifically in Nigeria.

Together, these two projects made it possible to offset approximately 14,000 tonnes of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere, that is, around double the carbon footprint associated with Rock in Rio, according to a study prepared by an external entity that analysed all the emissions of the event in previous editions (excluding food & beverage and gifts).


Cooking Stoves | Nigeria


Project name: Promoting Improved Cooking practices in Nigeria

Contribution to SDG: 1, 7 and 13

Certification: Gold Standard


In Nigeria, over 71% of the population, mainly low income people, cook with solid fuel in inefficient traditional cookers and open fires, resulting in air saturation inside their homes. Due to this practice, Nigeria records the highest number of deaths related to indoor air pollution (on average 64,000 deaths annually), especially among women and children from poorer families.

Thus, the purpose of this project involves the manufacture and distribution of efficient charcoal cookers to replace the inefficient cookers currently in use in Nigeria. The project will help thousands of families, small and medium-sized commercial entities in Nigeria and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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2B Forest - Passadiços do Paiva | Portugal


Project name: 2B Forest - Passadiços do Paiva


The company's 2BForest project in the Paiva Passages was the first certified under the Ecosystem Services Certification in Portugal. The certification covers services of Biodiversity, Carbon and Tourism, with Galp financially supported the service of carbon sequestration stored by the forest areas surrounding the Passadiços do Paiva.

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At Galp, our priority is to reduce the emissions from our activities and the carbon intensity of the energy we produce and sell to our clients.