Health, Safety and Environment Strategy

There are three essential factors to Galp’s operations: the safety of people, the protection of the environment and the attention to assets.

The management commitment and the responsibilities of the organization’s hierarchical structure are expressed explicitly in our Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Policy and our SHE Management System, safeguarding the integration of these issues in the corporative strategy and in the decisions that we take daily at our Company.

Risk assessment activities are ensured in all our operations to identify and manage the main HSE risks. We identify and manage the relationships with stakeholders in order to solve identified problems and maximize opportunities. We define programs and action plans with measures to monitor and mitigate the impacts generated by our activity. We periodically monitor our health, safety and environmental performance towards annual goals and targets established by facility and/or globally. Together with the monitoring of the performance, there is a context follow-up at the Sustainability Committee and EQS Board meetings, ensuring the involvement of the top management in issues related to these dimensions.

In addition, our operations and our performance are periodically and systematically subject to third party independent audits.